Mini Robot Wars

Protect the Minirobots from an Attack by the Invaders


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Mini Robot Wars is a 'tower defense' in two dimensions in the style of 'Plants vs. Zombies,' in which you have to defend the Minirobots' homeworld from attack by evil robots called 'The Machines.'

To avoid being conquered by 'the Machines,' you have to defend your territory. This is done by placing different types of 'minirobots' on stage. Each of them has very different skills, so you have to use your best judgement to combine them in a way that will stop an attack.

The game has a whopping one hundred and fifty levels at which you have thirty-two different types of robots murderers. Luckily, your forty types of minirobots be more than enough to stop them all.

Mini Robot Wars is a simple and fun game that like 'Plants Versus Zombies,' is addictive.


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